Fireplace Design Ideas

A fireplace is not just an element of a house of which function is to warm up the house from its natural heat. It is in fact can be one of decorative elements which when designed and decorated well can add the beauty of your house as well as the value of it when you sell it in the future. You might be surprised to see that a simple change in a fireplace can indeed change the whole look of a room or a house completely. That is how magical the power of a fireplace is. If you want to upgrade it into a better one, check on some of these fireplace design ideas below to help your project.

Model comes first in fireplace design ideas. There are various kinds of fireplace model according to where you set it. a corner fireplace is indeed tricky but when added with the right mantel and accessories, can be made into a cozy fireplace which has double function as storage or display elements and source of warmth. A center fireplace can be a painting on your wall when it has the right design and mantel to frame the natural beauty of burning fire within. A free standing fireplace in the center of the room will give out a unique and natural bonfire feel in your house. Those kinds of fireplace position can be made into modern, traditional, vintage or contemporary according to your house design.

Material comes next in fireplace design ideas. Great fireplaces have outstanding materials which form the beauty of it. Various famous materials for fireplace range from bricks, natural stones, ceramics, marble, granite, etc. Bricks fireplace is perfect for a country or traditional home which blends well with wooden flooring or medieval interior. Marble and ceramic or granite can be made into a well polished, shiny and smooth fireplace which is perfect for a more modern house. If you seek for a more neutral look in your fireplace, cream colored gypsum which can be made into various curves and models is best for you.

Mantel comes next in deciding the beauty of your fireplace design ideas. Mantel is like the frame of your natural picture of burning fire in your fireplace. When you have a great looking frame, your fireplace’s incomparable beauty is guaranteed. Fireplace mantel now comes in various designs, materials and models choose the ones which suit your preferences. Wooden, stones and bricks bring out natural atmosphere while smooth ceramic, granites, and marble is best for sleek and posh modern style. Check up some various models of mantel around which can be customized to create uniqueness in your fireplace design ideas.

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