Fireplace Design Ideas

A fireplace is not just an element of a house of which function is to warm up the house from its natural heat. It is in fact can be one of decorative elements which when designed and decorated well can add the beauty of your house as well as the value of it when you sell it in the future. You might be surprised to see that a simple change in a fireplace can indeed change the whole look of a room or a house completely. That is how magical the power of a fireplace is. If you want to upgrade it into a better one, check on some of these fireplace design ideas below to help your project.

Model comes first in fireplace design ideas. There are various kinds of fireplace model according to where you set it. a corner fireplace is indeed tricky but when added with the right mantel and accessories, can be made into a cozy fireplace which has double function as storage or display elements and source of warmth. A center fireplace can be a painting on your wall when it has the right design and mantel to frame the natural beauty of burning fire within. A free standing fireplace in the center of the room will give out a unique and natural bonfire feel in your house. Those kinds of fireplace position can be made into modern, traditional, vintage or contemporary according to your house design.

Material comes next in fireplace design ideas. Great fireplaces have outstanding materials which form the beauty of it. Various famous materials for fireplace range from bricks, natural stones, ceramics, marble, granite, etc. Bricks fireplace is perfect for a country or traditional home which blends well with wooden flooring or medieval interior. Marble and ceramic or granite can be made into a well polished, shiny and smooth fireplace which is perfect for a more modern house. If you seek for a more neutral look in your fireplace, cream colored gypsum which can be made into various curves and models is best for you.

Mantel comes next in deciding the beauty of your fireplace design ideas. Mantel is like the frame of your natural picture of burning fire in your fireplace. When you have a great looking frame, your fireplace’s incomparable beauty is guaranteed. Fireplace mantel now comes in various designs, materials and models choose the ones which suit your preferences. Wooden, stones and bricks bring out natural atmosphere while smooth ceramic, granites, and marble is best for sleek and posh modern style. Check up some various models of mantel around which can be customized to create uniqueness in your fireplace design ideas.


Gas Fireplace Design Ideas

Nowadays, finding out woods for fireplace in urban houses is getting more and more difficult with the diminishing number of our forests. Despite it is hard to find the material, wooden fireplace also needs more maintenance and care when it deals with cleaning. It also leaves ashes which if you do not clean it up right away will fly all over the place and might endanger your children too. The solution for this is changing your wooden fireplace with gas fireplace. Check out some of these gas fireplace design ideas.

Gas is indeed easier to maintain, more eco friendly and cleaner than the wooden ones. They come in various designs and models which you can choose according to your room’s design. if you opt for a more traditional look in your house, gas fireplace design ideas have a traditional design which looks exactly the same with your wooden fireplace. The details are so precise to the point of the wood replica and the flame. There are also so many models around with artificial logs and burning coals accents on it. This will generate a dramatic effect as if you have a real traditional fire place with never ending fire logs lit on all the time. This kind of gas fireplace is a little bit more costly but it worth the outstanding look it gives to your room.

A more modern house is perfect with modern looking fireplace. Wooden fireplace might not fit the sleek and clean look you seek for your modern room. Amazing ideas come from modular gas fireplace design ideas. if a wooden fireplace requires more space for heavy chimneys and gas way on the side of your wall, this kind of fire place can stands on its own without all of those complications. Since it is portable and modular it is possible for you to set it in the middle of the room. The more modern designs even allows you to control the kind of fire you want with a remote control so you do not need to struggle with ashes and coal to get your needed warmth in winter. Add a log accent or just let the fire burn the base of your fireplace to give a more romantic ambience in your room.

A unique and ultra modern gas fireplace design ideas appear with simpler look and maintenance with no wall surrounding it. You do not need to worry with your precious carpet flooring underneath it since there is a heat resistant base with pipes laid on it. The flame comes out of the pipe and not the traditional logs. Lit a fire on rocks or glasses like in magical Harry Potter world is possible with this. The trick lies on the fire resistant materials such as stones or glasses above the gas pipe. It gives an effect that the fire lit from the stones or glasses. It definitely will give your modern design an excellent look for your guests to admire.

When talking about gas fireplace design ideas, you need to pay attention on the installation and hazard details such as ventilation system and carbon monoxide detector installation for safety. You need to consult with professional for better results.


Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Tiles in a fireplace are not just tiles. In fact, it functions as a decorative element which can change the whole look of your room completely. Changing the look of it can either emphasize the beauty of your fireplace or destroy it completely. If you want to have a unique look in your fireplace and draw the attention of your guests, you can have a look to our simple fireplace tile design ideas tips below.

Why tile? If you take a look at the current trend of MDF (Modern Designed Fireplace) style which is indeed highly fashionable but feels hollow when you tap on it, you can see that it lacks the feel of authenticity and traditional natural feel. Tiles can give you that and to choose the best ones, you have to consider the budget in the first place. Tiles can be cheap if you choose the simple subway ones and they can also be very expensive if you seek for more up to date and stylish fireplace tile design ideas. Budget calculation can help you in deciding which one to install.

The next comes the designs. Tiles come in various styles and designs. Regular tiles are the subway ones which left you with various colors as your decorative elements. If you take a look more, you will find that there are other variations such as 3D tiles and flat tiles (2D). 3D tiles are fascinating in looks but it requires professional help to install since it has unique characteristics to deal with. Flat tiles or the 3D ones are easier to install and it comes with various styles and fireplace tile design ideas. You can also beautify your fireplace with tiles from various materials such as glass, ceramics, marble, or natural stones.

Once you have decided on which tiles you want for your fireplace tile design ideas, you need to consider on how you will install them. a simple subway style installation is perfect if you want to install it Do-It-Yourself style since it is simple. But if you want to have complicated mosaics on your fireplace, you might need the help from professionals. However, if you want to have a more vintage style setting up of tiles according to your own taste, you can try to put your creativity on a paper and then set them on your fireplace tiling.