Fireplace Design Ideas

A fireplace is not just an element of a house of which function is to warm up the house from its natural heat. It is in fact can be one of decorative elements which when designed and decorated well can add the beauty of your house as well as the value of it when you sell it in the future. You might be surprised to see that a simple change in a fireplace can indeed change the whole look of a room or a house completely. That is how magical the power of a fireplace is. If you want to upgrade it into a better one, check on some of these fireplace design ideas below to help your project.

Model comes first in fireplace design ideas. There are various kinds of fireplace model according to where you set it. a corner fireplace is indeed tricky but when added with the right mantel and accessories, can be made into a cozy fireplace which has double function as storage or display elements and source of warmth. A center fireplace can be a painting on your wall when it has the right design and mantel to frame the natural beauty of burning fire within. A free standing fireplace in the center of the room will give out a unique and natural bonfire feel in your house. Those kinds of fireplace position can be made into modern, traditional, vintage or contemporary according to your house design.

Material comes next in fireplace design ideas. Great fireplaces have outstanding materials which form the beauty of it. Various famous materials for fireplace range from bricks, natural stones, ceramics, marble, granite, etc. Bricks fireplace is perfect for a country or traditional home which blends well with wooden flooring or medieval interior. Marble and ceramic or granite can be made into a well polished, shiny and smooth fireplace which is perfect for a more modern house. If you seek for a more neutral look in your fireplace, cream colored gypsum which can be made into various curves and models is best for you.

Mantel comes next in deciding the beauty of your fireplace design ideas. Mantel is like the frame of your natural picture of burning fire in your fireplace. When you have a great looking frame, your fireplace’s incomparable beauty is guaranteed. Fireplace mantel now comes in various designs, materials and models choose the ones which suit your preferences. Wooden, stones and bricks bring out natural atmosphere while smooth ceramic, granites, and marble is best for sleek and posh modern style. Check up some various models of mantel around which can be customized to create uniqueness in your fireplace design ideas.


Gas Fireplace Design Ideas

Nowadays, finding out woods for fireplace in urban houses is getting more and more difficult with the diminishing number of our forests. Despite it is hard to find the material, wooden fireplace also needs more maintenance and care when it deals with cleaning. It also leaves ashes which if you do not clean it up right away will fly all over the place and might endanger your children too. The solution for this is changing your wooden fireplace with gas fireplace. Check out some of these gas fireplace design ideas.

Gas is indeed easier to maintain, more eco friendly and cleaner than the wooden ones. They come in various designs and models which you can choose according to your room’s design. if you opt for a more traditional look in your house, gas fireplace design ideas have a traditional design which looks exactly the same with your wooden fireplace. The details are so precise to the point of the wood replica and the flame. There are also so many models around with artificial logs and burning coals accents on it. This will generate a dramatic effect as if you have a real traditional fire place with never ending fire logs lit on all the time. This kind of gas fireplace is a little bit more costly but it worth the outstanding look it gives to your room.

A more modern house is perfect with modern looking fireplace. Wooden fireplace might not fit the sleek and clean look you seek for your modern room. Amazing ideas come from modular gas fireplace design ideas. if a wooden fireplace requires more space for heavy chimneys and gas way on the side of your wall, this kind of fire place can stands on its own without all of those complications. Since it is portable and modular it is possible for you to set it in the middle of the room. The more modern designs even allows you to control the kind of fire you want with a remote control so you do not need to struggle with ashes and coal to get your needed warmth in winter. Add a log accent or just let the fire burn the base of your fireplace to give a more romantic ambience in your room.

A unique and ultra modern gas fireplace design ideas appear with simpler look and maintenance with no wall surrounding it. You do not need to worry with your precious carpet flooring underneath it since there is a heat resistant base with pipes laid on it. The flame comes out of the pipe and not the traditional logs. Lit a fire on rocks or glasses like in magical Harry Potter world is possible with this. The trick lies on the fire resistant materials such as stones or glasses above the gas pipe. It gives an effect that the fire lit from the stones or glasses. It definitely will give your modern design an excellent look for your guests to admire.

When talking about gas fireplace design ideas, you need to pay attention on the installation and hazard details such as ventilation system and carbon monoxide detector installation for safety. You need to consult with professional for better results.


Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Tiles in a fireplace are not just tiles. In fact, it functions as a decorative element which can change the whole look of your room completely. Changing the look of it can either emphasize the beauty of your fireplace or destroy it completely. If you want to have a unique look in your fireplace and draw the attention of your guests, you can have a look to our simple fireplace tile design ideas tips below.

Why tile? If you take a look at the current trend of MDF (Modern Designed Fireplace) style which is indeed highly fashionable but feels hollow when you tap on it, you can see that it lacks the feel of authenticity and traditional natural feel. Tiles can give you that and to choose the best ones, you have to consider the budget in the first place. Tiles can be cheap if you choose the simple subway ones and they can also be very expensive if you seek for more up to date and stylish fireplace tile design ideas. Budget calculation can help you in deciding which one to install.

The next comes the designs. Tiles come in various styles and designs. Regular tiles are the subway ones which left you with various colors as your decorative elements. If you take a look more, you will find that there are other variations such as 3D tiles and flat tiles (2D). 3D tiles are fascinating in looks but it requires professional help to install since it has unique characteristics to deal with. Flat tiles or the 3D ones are easier to install and it comes with various styles and fireplace tile design ideas. You can also beautify your fireplace with tiles from various materials such as glass, ceramics, marble, or natural stones.

Once you have decided on which tiles you want for your fireplace tile design ideas, you need to consider on how you will install them. a simple subway style installation is perfect if you want to install it Do-It-Yourself style since it is simple. But if you want to have complicated mosaics on your fireplace, you might need the help from professionals. However, if you want to have a more vintage style setting up of tiles according to your own taste, you can try to put your creativity on a paper and then set them on your fireplace tiling.


French Door Design Ideas

There is nothing more elegant than having a French door in your bedroom. It gives out unobstructed view of the scenery beyond your walls and it also gives the needed sunrays in the morning when you wake up from your deep slumber. Its elegant design also becomes another plus in the decorative term. If you are dreaming of having one in your house, here are some tips on French door design ideas for you.

French door design ideas come in various models and materials. You need to choose the best one for your house or room. Since the main element of this kind of door is the glass pane and its wooden frame, you can be distinct and different in choosing the kind of glass and color of frame you will choose. If you want to have more light coming in, you can set for clear glass paned French door. If you need more privacy in your room, frosted glass paned French door can also be chosen for your room. If you like aesthetic and beauty in your French door design, you can ask professionals to pain some murals or patterns on your glass panes. All is possible to add the beauty of French door design ideas.

French doors come in various kinds of size and design: in flow or out flow. Both are the same, the different lies on the direction of the opening. Although French door design ideas are basically the same, most people opt for the out flow ones since it is easier to open it than the in flow one. if you already got an in flow French door, you can simply call professionals to change it for you. Remember to pay attention on the surrounding area of your French door. Clear the opening and closing area of it from furniture or decorating elements since it will obstruct the way.

Having French door design ideas in your house can be cheap or expensive depends on the kind of model and material you want. Cheaper fiberglass which mimics the best glass are available. You just need to adjust your required color and model. Adjust them with the rest of your room or outside of it. The most popular option for a French door is white but you can always improvise it with different colors for striking effect of your house design.


Front Door Design Ideas

Front door so small and seems insignificant it might be, is very important in a house design. In fact, it can be said that it is the most important ones. The first is that it should be beautiful since becomes the entrance to your house which means that it has to be grand and luxurious according to your house’s design. The second one is that it should be strong enough to protect your and your family from outer threads. Thus, being wise and careful in choosing a front door is a must. Here are some front door design ideas as your guidance.

When talking about front door design ideas, safety is the most important. That is why, it is pretty normal that a front door is expected to be strong, tough and solid. The strength of a front door might come from its material and its design. Materially, the strongest front door is the one from steel but sometimes, it has limited option for design. This kind of door is stronger than the popular fiberglass and woods. But if you want to have beauty in your steel door, nowadays, steel door with wooden appearance is not just an imagination.

Safety also comes from the design itself. Some front door design ideas come with separate parts from different manufacturer such as the locking system, the door frame, the hinges, and the flank of the door. That is not a good option since different manufacturer might produce different things which sometimes are not compatible on another. Nowadays, you can buy an entire ‘entry system’ instead. All of the parts of your door is made from the same manufacturer and are all in one set which is in perfect fit, compact and compatible.

Front door design ideas also need to consider its models since it is also the face of your house. When it comes to the appearance, models then become significant. There are various kinds of front door models but beauty can also comes from the material. Wooden door always look perfect for a front door. It gives the required luxury and elegance whatever forms and models you choose. Materials that are famous for wood front doors are oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir and pine. If you choose wood, you need to consider the finish since it is not durable enough without a perfect one.

Dining Room

Dining Room Design Ideas

A dining room is important as a place to entertain your guests while you are treating them with your delicious meal. A nice and elegant dining room will surely keep their eyes on admiring your exquisite style in designing the dining room. You will gate envious look and praises which is good for your reputation. If creating such adorable dining room which pleases your guests seems difficult for you to do, here are some dining room design ideas for you.

Harmony is the most important thing in dining room design ideas. There is nothing better than a balance in color, furniture, ornaments and accessories of a dining room which is pleasing to the eyes. to create such harmony, you need to start from a single theme which unite all. Choose whether you will have a modern, classical, country, or traditional dining room for your house. A modern dining room offers your guests a neat and clean look in your room which expresses hygiene in your dining room. Meanwhile, a classical look with elegant teak table in French curvy style gives out an aura of formality and luxury in your dining room. a country style dining room with homey atmosphere will create a warm and inviting look in your dining room.

Another thing to remember is the lighting tricks. All know that lighting brings out the beauty of something to illumination. Choosing a nice and comfortable lighting which matches your dining room style will add the appetite and comfort of your guests. a nice pendant lighting with dimmer light which accentuate the area of the dining table will bring out the delicacy of your treat. It will also illuminate the faces of your guests so you can communicate better. Avoid fluorescent light with bright ray since it will hurt in the eyes. Adjust the model of the lamp with the style of dining room design ideas you have.

Be tricky with the space is the next in dining room design ideas. Some people are not lucky to have bigger dining room which forces you to be tricky to make it seem bigger and more comfortable. You can do this by adding mirror on one side of the wall. Mirror will make the room seems bigger since it reflect the area which creates an illusion of added space. Another trick is by minimizing the size of the table. Adjust the size of the table with the space available. Safe some space between the table and the wall for mobility. If you cannot have the right table size in stores, having your own custom table for 4 or 5 will suffice a small dining room.

Dining Room

Dining Room 2020

If you check out what designs of dining room 2020 has to offer, a lot of designs are focused on creating a green home. A green home is a house designed to be environmental friendly. This is seen from the construction of the house up until the maintenance. Also, the construction of the home is focused on creating an efficient use of energy and resources like water. Constructions materials are also taken from other sources that do not affect the environment.

Of course you still see homes that are not completely green homes. Some are simply incorporating green home decors to show support but are still using modern home designs and interior decorations.

A green dining room design does not only pertain to painting the walls with shades of green. There’s a whole lot of things going on when you want to create an environment-friendly dining room. While there isn’t a standard or a universal model agreed upon when we talk about creating green homes, it’s usually geared towards making a room or a house that can conserve energy and water, can improve the quality of air and is sustainable.

Recycled materials are recommended so the home construction produces less waste in the process. Also, when it comes to home appliances, using energy-efficient appliances is an important element in completing a green dining room design. There are still different styles of interior decorating that can be achieved when you’re making a green home design. The only difference is that the choice of materials and products you use to decorate or design it separates it from regular home designs.

Dining Room

Dining Room Color Trends 2020

This may not be true for all but some homeowners like to know what dining room color trends 2020 has to offer. Similar to keeping up to date when it comes to clothes and gadgets; there are homeowners who want to be updated when it comes to their home decorations.

Revamping your home or even just a room in your home yearly can be very expensive. Not everyone can afford to have their homes repainted on a yearly basis just because the trend changed in the world of interior designing and decorating. So, when you think about it, the trend in wall colors for the home doesn’t really change on a yearly basis. It feels more like a period of 2 to 5 years before a major change happens. So, if you’re keeping up with the color trends for the dining room or any other room in your house, at least a revamp doesn’t have to a yearly thing.

One thing we’ve noticed for the past couple of years is that everything is going green. Not necessarily the color but everything is gearing towards environment-friendly products. This is true for food, clothes, electronics, home appliances and so much more. Most companies are beginning to be more environment-conscious.

It’s a great progress for our society because it’s about time we take care of our environment. This change is seen in everything. In fact, it popularized the use of color green for home interiors. Along with the green color are brown, white and gray colors. Gray being the color that represents our modern times which you will notice some homes use stainless steel in dining tables, sinks, cabinets and others.

Dining Room

2020 Dining Room Trends

Catching up with the 2013 dining room trends can be summarized in a few sentences. When it comes to interior designs and interior decorations, it’s difficult to stay on top. Trends are only easy to predict when you’re trying to catalogue just one style or concept. However, when it comes to interior decorating, home designs and others related to this, it’s relatively more challenging because you have to deal with a lot of different styles.

When it comes to dining room designs, we’ve been seeing almost similar concepts and elements for the past years. This will still be seen for the next couple of years since most home designers and architectures or home builders are gearing towards one goal. This is to create self-sustaining homes by using environment-friendly products. This means that we will be seeing a lot of green homes that use recycled materials for decorations, energy-efficient appliances and water-conserving fixtures.

Not all homes immediately changed their interior designs but one thing you will notice in homes that have recently been renovated or built is that they now use more colors related to nature. Green, brown, grey, white; basically earthy colors are the trend.

There are still a lot of different styles being used and one may be more popular in one place while another in the next place but the point is that the newly added elements in each home are more environment-friendly or something relating to nature. We see less light fixture and larger windows in kitchens which can help conserve energy. We see more DIY home decorations made from scraps or other materials available at home and so much more.

Dining Room

Dining Room Paint Colors 2020

If you’re looking for the most used dining room paint colors 2013 has recorded, you’ll have to wait for a couple more months before any statistics can be drawn from number of paint sales. But if you’re planning to revamp your dining room now or soon and want to stay updated, we’re sharing the color trend that wouldn’t fail you for a couple more years.

Trends in interior decorating or home designs do not change every season. It’s more of a certain period of time, meaning a trend goes on for at least two or more years. You will find tiny variations year after year but the main elements of the style remains. This is applicable for wall colors as well. So, back to revamping your dining room, you want to paint your walls and use a color theme for decorating that will not be out of fashion soon. Here are a few suggestions for you.

On a personal note, greens and browns are a sure win when it comes to interior wall paint colors. With the trend leaning towards more environment friendly products and people becoming more concerned about eating and living healthy, the green and brown which are colors of nature are a sure hit. It will easily reflect the homeowners’ lifestyle and advocacy towards living a more “green” lifestyle.

But if you’re not too sure about the green and brown color combo, there’s a broader term for your dining room color theme. Go for earthy colors, which literally include shades of green, brown, gray and orange. Think of it as nature’s colors. The good thing about this color combo is that you have a lot of color tones to choose from. The dining room paint colors 2013 will most likely record as used the most would be brown, green, grey and orange.